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Third Rock
Music Center

Closed Monday May 27th
Mon-Wed 11am - 8pm  
 Thur-Fri 11am - 5pm 
Sat 10am - 5pm   Closed Sunday

Pedals and Footswitches

Effects Pedals and Processors > Pedals and Footswitches

Distortion, Fuzz and Overdrive

Compressors, Boosters and EQ's

Looper Pedals

Reverbs and Delays

Modulation Effects

Pitch Shifting Effects

Wah, Volume, Filter

Tuner Pedals

Bass Effects

Vocal Effects

Acoustic Guitar Effects

MultiFX Pedals

Pedal Boards, Footswitches, Cables and Power Supplies

Acoustic Simulator


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Bassist Bass Limiting Amplifier Pedal